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    Introducing the Best International School Jakarta, Global Sevilla


    Choosing the best school can be an essential investment for the child’s future. The school has various types, including national and international schools. One of the best international schools in Jakarta is Global Sevilla. Therefore, what makes Global Sevilla the best international school Jakarta? These are what you need to know about Global Sevilla.

    What is Global Sevilla?

    Global Sevilla is an international school in Jakarta that offers many good things for academics. Not only offering an academic scale of international but also Global Sevilla offers personal development and character building. It starts with the idea of having an institution that is not only producing educated students but also helps the students to build positive characters.

    Global Sevilla’s Mission

    Global Sevilla, as an international school Jakarta, has a mission to make their school the best school with international standards and have a good reputation in learning, teaching, and character. Their main goal is to raise and conduct their students in their character development. This character-building allows them to understand that they are different in a good way.

    Also, character building is to make the students know that every person is unique and to make them understand themselves better. It also helps the students recognize their strengths, weaknesses, potential, interests, and values, which can help them in their life.

    The Value of Global Sevilla

    As the best international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla implements the three most important values in its learning activities: Giving, Compassion, and Self Control. Giving here means that the students will learn how to be generous and helpful to each other through simple acts.

    Meanwhile, compassion means that students will learn to be kind and genuine people. It is an action to show empathy to others. Then the other value taught in Global Sevilla is namely Self Control. Self-control means that the students will learn how to control themselves, such as their emotions, behavior, and thoughts as well.

    Academic Levels in Global Sevilla

    Global Sevilla provides three academic levels: kindergarten, primary, and secondary. Each academic levels have a different focus. Kindergarten school focuses more on young children’s development needs, while primary school more focus on active inquiry-based learning. Meanwhile, the secondary school focuses on projects and research-based education.Known as the best international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla provides more than mentioned above. It has good facilities, a good reputation, and numerous achievements. It has two primary campuses with the same quality that parents and students can choose according to their preferences. If you’re interested in sending your children here, check out Global Sevilla’s official website for more information.

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