Mattresses that are Ideal for Side Sleepers

Sleeping at your side is the most common position. There are critical advantages. By sleeping on your side, you will boost your general health and well-being. Studies have shown that a new mattress improves sleep quality and reduces overall pain and rigidity for persons who have slept on an older mattress. Discomfort on the side of the bed and lower back pain might also arise if your coat is too hot or too heavy. A mattress that contours the body and relieves pressure points are especially good for side sleepers. These features help alleviate back and shoulder pain by coating body parts that sink deeper into the mattress. We’ve reviewed the top rated mattresses that side sleepers should consider purchasing.


A hybrid mattress features an internal support system comprised of deep memory foam or latex layers. Combining these distinct mattress styles into a hybrid design allows everyone to maximize their benefits with fewer drawbacks. Under the layers of foam comfort, a hybrid color may include a polyfoam or micro-coil transfer layer. The coil base adds ventilation and protects the mattress. Support is provided for the coils.

Support for contouring with temperature control. Due to the high level of comfort provided by a hybrid mattress, the contouring support assists in relieving pressure and balancing the spine. A thoroughly damp mattress can help regulate ventilation and retain heat. Generally, the temperature management of hybrid mattresses’ internal spindles improves. This guarantees that side sleepers have adjustable comfort without overheating.


An innerspring mattress is constructed using steel bobbles and is topped with small layers of fiber or foam for added comfort. This traditional color is more basic and has less contouring than a mattress with a mixture of foams or coils. Even mattresses with printed designs are readily accessible and instantly recognizable.

Support for the edge has been enhanced. The steel bobble support base of an incoming mattress can be reinforced to provide additional edge protection. This raises the surface of the supporting bed. It inhibits shrinkage around the edges over time.


A latex mattress is constructed with layers of comfort and a rubber basis. This sort of mattress is frequently crafted from natural latex derived from rubber trees. After that, the sapphire is removed using the Dunlop or Talalay procedures. Dunlop latex is dense and durable, whereas Talalay latex is lighter and gentler. Synthetic latex may also be used; this type of latex is employed in the manufacture of petrochemicals.

It is delicate. Latex molds your body gently, alleviating pressure spots and preventing you from sinking too deeply. This helps alleviate back pain. There is now more ventilation available throughout the body, and temperature management has been improved.


The backing is an airbed mattress with expandable internal rubber chambers. The strength can be adjusted by adding or removing air from the chambers as needed. Airbed mattresses can also be controlled remotely or via a smartphone app. The inbuilt pump adapts the rooms to your specific requirements.

Firmness can be adjusted. An airbed mattress offers adjustable firmness for individuals who sleep on their side or experience changes in their demands. Certain air-conditioning mattresses are equipped with two air chambers, allowing sharing the bed to change their faces individually. Certain models include adjustments for specific body parts. This may imply that the stiffness underneath the hips and shoulders is changed to maintain the lining of the spine for side sleepers.


The foam mattress is cushioned by comfort layers and supported by a foam foundation. The comfort system is frequently composed of layers of memory foam, although it may also comprise standard viscoelastic memory spam. Typically, the base is built of high-density polyfoam for further strength and long service life.

The coilers’ pressure points. The memory of foams conforms to the body’s shape and responds to pressure and cushioning in areas such as the hips and shoulders. This promotes appropriate backbone alignment and alleviates discomfort and discomfort in sleeping individuals.

Buying Guide about the Best Online Mattress


Thanks to the rise in internet purchasing, the pillow market has been entirely transformed. Today, several of the country’s most credible and famous mattress brands predominantly operate online. By that their operating expenses and replacing the intermediary, they are willing to conserve capital. Taxpayers would subsidize these advantages in return.

A high-quality, sturdy and inexpensive mattress is just one google away. Even so, it may be challenging to decide which one is correct for you with too many beds in the box labels entering the sector. To get first-hand information about the best online mattress, click on this link:

What Is The Best Convenient Back Pain Pillow?

Many with back problems also choose a medium solid pillow because they are sturdy enough to maintain a uniform distribution of body weight and avoid painful sinking. They often have a certain tenderness to crack the knees at the exact moment. Even so, side sleepers with chronic problems can recommend a moderate pillow, enabling their hips and hips to become neutral, to offer better maximum comfort. One vital point to note is that you need an excellent cold mattress to sleep deep and untouched.

What To Think Of When You Buy A Mate Online

There are some crucial things to bear in mind when shopping for a fresh mattress online. The preceding points will help you choose a mattress that fits your needs.

Trials for sleep

Like we said, most online bed manufacturers deliver a reasonable sleep test. A longer testing time takes the chance of internet purchases and offers you calmness. When shopping, ensure you have at least 100 days to try the bed. This period helps you to thoroughly get used to the pillow until you decide if it’s perfect for you.

In certain instances, internet brands will not come back or adjust the bed till at least 30 days have elapsed. You should then be available to demonstrate the pillow for at least one month. Learn the fine print for your sleep test, too. Any firms charge replenishing fees or collection fees whether the pillow is to be returned.


Most retail websites give a 10-year guarantee period. That is the accepted standard, and most cushions of good quality survive up to ten years. Where the bedforms slats, indentions and impressions are changing the shape and help, most industries are free to restore or rebuild the mattress.

If you contrast pillows, please also check their guarantee specifics. In certain instances, after the colour shades, the mattress guarantee comes in more than one inch, whereas some contract statements may be triggered sooner. Finally, you’re going to want more coverage earlier or later.


Off-gassing relates to the scent of a fresh pillow as it is prepared. This scent is also caused by VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitted from building substance.  While fresh cushions smell this “new” thing, packed beds also smell better since they don’t even have enough time to thoroughly air until they are packaged and sent to the consumer.

Best Cooling Mattress Cover You Can Get If You Follow These Things

Suppose you already have nausea or have regular and uncomfortable sleep disturbances caused by feeling hot during the nights. In that case, you must make very few easy adjustments when it’s not enough (or is not an option) to kill bacteria in the bed. For a calming pillow and perhaps a silk duvet, try swapping out your new bedding and wearing pajamas made of light fabrics. If you want to use a hearing aid before night for its soothing benefits, choose a more weatherproof alternative.

When we fall into sleep, our blood temperature decreases even further. We depend on external factors to keep our core temperature in check if our circumstances are too hot or cold, it can wake us up and prevent us from having enough rest. There are several advantages to having a calming mattress; here are a few to suggest for best cooling mattress cover since you’re in the market for a new bed.

Thermal Management

Behavioral health and latex mattresses, for example, sleep softer than neoprene. However, many latest beds now have ventilation systems such as aluminum or cooling cement to calm you down more easily by controlling your heart rate. For the few who benefit from evening sweats, thermal materials are incredibly essential.

Thresholds Of Firmness

Firmness is a matter of aesthetics, but it also varies on how you sleep. Intermediate or moderate are the best rugs for maximum comfort because they provide the cushioning you need to alleviate pressure points and have enough coverage to keep one back aligned. A quantity of deep matt is also required for back and belly sleepers because they promote better right ankle support and alleviate back pain.

Concentrate On Comfort

Your inner comfort level is the most significant thing to remember. Even if people buy the other most luxurious mattress, you won’t also have the highest waking place to visit if you aren’t settled on something. The thickness, toughness, and manufacturing method used in the fabric all play a role in deciding what to check for in a mattress.

Choose The Required Size For Your Specifications

If you feel constrained by a narrow bed, you need another more versatile mattress. For such an individual woman, a queen size can be a little high, but it’s perfect if you like the ample width. King-sized are built for families and master bedrooms, and they provide lots of adequate space. Bear in mind that shifting a mattress of this size can be challenging if performed incorrectly.

Forms Of Mattress And Fabrics

To determine the cooling capacity of various beds, it is crucial to investigate mattress styles. Only if they’re coated with cooking spray, which captures and dissolves extra excess heat, typical foam blankets are found to hold further heat than many of the other styles. A gel-infused mattress topper can also be soft to the touch in certain instances. Fusion mattresses incorporate fabrics between both types. Due to the use of tubes or other insulation features, such as copper, which diffuses body heat, they also feel colder than any of the beds.

A Guide To Buy Best Luxury Hybrid

A hybrid mattress including a futon mattress roller method allows surfaces of fabric and perhaps other fabrics such as cotton, wool, or latex. As it contains spring coils that can help balance the mattress and offer edge protection, it is distinct from an all-foam mattress. As it usually has one or two dense comfort things on top of both the coils, at which a latex mattress may have had a pillow top or a few smaller pieces of foam on top of the coils, it is unlike an innerspring mattress. A best luxury hybrid mattress is, in fact, the best compromise.

Basic rankings

Read over to see our Greatest Hybrid Mattresses of 2021 overall score for mattresses.

Both items of this kind except the Good Mattresses of 2021 ranking provide our ranking of the Best Hybrid Mattresses. A hybrid has a heart of a dissociate capped of layers of fluffy luxury. These layers, which are usually constructed of memory foam or latex, are much thicker for greater pressure point relief than the cushion top of a typical inflatable mattress. Our Best Hybrid Mattress ranking for 2021 is focused on statistical data that we carried out in 2020.

Customer care

We go to sleep and wake up 8 days a month (well, hopefully). That ensures almost a third of our lives are spent in bed. Perhaps you are spending more time at home these days, and perhaps even less space in the hospital. And what should you sleep on? If it’s time to try something different, and you’re dreaming of comfort this time around, look at this collection of luxury mattresses. Inclusive guarantees, award-winning customer support, high-quality fabrics, and hundreds of satisfied customer feedback come with these mattresses.

High quality

As shown in a Top 500 report, winning top honors from happy clients for 2 years straight, this mattress is a cherished favorite. Teal mattresses are renowned for their longevity, joint strength, and control of temperature. The wires in that same mattress are also covered in vibration cloth so that when changing places, you won’t wake your roommate.

some support

Puffy behaves professionally even by the standard of our mattresses with a replaceable battery and a 101-night sleeping sample. This mattress comes with a flushable cover to grow the mattress’s collection of allergens, pollen, and bed bugs. (Bonus: The cover is stain-resistant as well.) Puffy’s Lux mattress has two forms of hard plastic that converge to offer luxurious degrees of comfort and cushioning for your body. The mattress fits on every floor, foundation, or box spring, and then in the Western World, 100 percent of the products are made. The most economical also on the list then is the premium mattress, but that shouldn’t mean it lacks efficiency. Like silicone made in the United States that is approved by CertiPUR-US for not utilizing toxic substances and ozone depleters, Molecule hires eco-friendly processing.

Side Sleeping Mattresses for Comfortable Sleep

It couldn’t be in your mind, but a unique position is important when you rest. An important mattress. Your back will not hold up your neck and lower back. What’s firm enough (although not very firm) is characteristic for everyone: the chance that you can have broad hips, for example, can be a marginally gentler surface. It would help if you gave a little more to keep your spine in the arrangement. Someone with smaller hips can be ideally located with a firmer surface.  Here are the best firm mattress for side sleepers. Here we have all the information about firm mattresses for side sleepers.

  • Individual tenderness should determine the mate that is ideal for all low back pain side sleepers. This individual’s best mattress is the mattress that helps someone firmly. The patients with a lower back should choose a mattress that meets your expectations and support and allows them to spend a decent night’s rest.
  • Comprehend and question fundamental parts of the mattress. Support comes from the loops or the inside fountains of a bed. Different mattresses differ in their number and plan of circles. The coating comes at the top of the mattress in a wide variety of thicknesses. The depth of the beds usually decreases from 7 to 18 cm. Particular inclinations should be determined by the number of curls, the type of coating, and the mattress’s depth.
  • Find a mattress of back aid. A decent bed should provide help in the standard curves and arrangement of the spine. The right-back measurement also helps the patient stay away from muscle irritation in the first part of the day. One study found that medium support mattresses, although not much clinical information on mattresses, give most back pain more help than more solid beds.
  • Achieve harmony between back help and comfort. It is important to be generally comfortable as adequate back help while sitting on the mattress. Dozing a bed that is too firm may lead to compelling concentrations that cause pulsing pain. It could be more pleasant for a medium-supported mattress because it enables the hip and shoulder to soak in a little. Patients who need a firmer mattress in the back can get one more prominent consolation with thicker coiling.
  • Know when another mattress is available. If an old mattress is noticeably listed in the center or not, it’s probably the ideal opportunity to buy a further one at this time. To stop it from recording at the center, it’s only a temporary fix to put sheets under a drop-down mattress; another bed still is required. Because most side sleepers spend approximately 33% of their time resting on the bed, there is a need to choose the most suitable mattress for low back pain control. No matter if you can relax and work in the evening the next day can affect you. Beds can quickly become a part of your routine. This can involve a decent mattress.

5 Benefits Of Getting A Folding Bed

Geographic constraints are one of the essential concerns of our day. This has changed as a consequence of a range of causes, including increasing house values and production. The cost of living every day is now rising, and innovative product has just been introduced. Adjustable cabinets are the kind that does not even save energy and add to your place’s architectural appeal. This has been adopted by many people of studio apartments and compact living areas. Five main advantages of finding the right folded bed and One of these that come rolled up will be listed in this article. It is useful for other purposes as well.

Types Of Beds With Folding

Let’s have a peek at the numerous kinds of fold plates that people hire. Usually, tables and cushions and a circuit board are open for fastening. This connection can be extended, even elsewhere. In terms of intensity and stamina, they are equal. They prefer colleges, but very apartment complexes for pupils. Another version is meant solely for non-compact dwellings. You could have small, modest, or large beds depending on maximum energy. These can be plugged into the doors and extended out during the day and out if necessary. They were tucked over once. Even so, some serve as furniture or chairs. There are fantastic things to conserve a lot of living space. You can often make use of a flexible sheet with several applications. It is a great way to satisfy the customers as well.

Advantages Of Beds Folding

Supplementary Room

Mattresses folding back The less electricity it takes has drawn interest in the hall. If you live in a rental space, room, or hostel, you won’t require huge beds or bedding. They take up a lot of space and are almost challenging to travel through. It is possible to fold the table with both sheets, clamp the end, and put it in your wardrobe. Incredibly quickly, spokes can be found on every folding board. All of these are portable; it is even easy to carry them anywhere. The outer metal tubing is available in several shades, including yellow, blue, and orange.

Comfortable To Wear

For potlucks, beaches, camps, like shelters, it is possible to take out folded beds with extendable legs much like them. Without unnecessary tragedy, this completes the path. Intents, people should not usually sleep peacefully since the place may be cramped. It is possible to store, stretch and sleep these lightweight folded chairs comfortably. To hold you comfortable, it covers your skin, and the pillows are soft.


Pliers are compact and save space, and were you relaxed when using them? Yeah, it’s comfortable for both double sheets. The answer is: The only discrepancy between normal ones is that there would be pliable ones. They have otherwise used a pad, which is mostly constructed of high-quality foam. It is, in truth, delicate, dense, and long-lasting. It’s even possible to remove and disinfect some items. Your rear, your neck, your shoulder, and your back provide them tremendous support. You would be able to sleep soundly without using a cushion as a consequence of this.

Facilities For Assembly The portable pliers utilize essential methods of assembly. Naturally, the plied part is held in position by a clasp that does not unlock it. It is necessary to use spinning wheels. As a consequence, the loop can be removed, and you can now rest on either area. To keep the bed protected with bendable legs, some beds are closed. Then it just takes seconds to render the completed product.

What Are Some Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Best Memory Foam Mattresses:

While purchasing for every item, it’s vital to think about the free trial, payment options, and overall results. There have been many other things to worry about regarding rigid plastic forms and advantages while looking for a fresh pillow. The criteria that really should take into consideration are dissuaded below by acquiring a mattress. If You want to get more detail about mattress then visit this link

Mattress Dimensions:

A scale of the bed is among the most significant aspects that you’d have to remember. It would’ve been able to access a mattress that fits your specifications from the labels listed; either you even want a sibling, small, or ruler. Suggest the floor area; world health organization people rest only with one’s bone structure, but whether you’re an effective sleepwalker when trying to determine which pillow size is right for you. Often verify the scale of mattresses before purchasing a Mattress. The bed scale ought to be larger than the maximum of the bed. The majority of citizens want a mattress that is bigger than six feet. So, please verify the scale of mattresses before you purchase a mattress.

A Place For Sleeping:

As for any bed content, the manner it reacts from each entity would rely on many variables; its form of the structure of the wearer, tastes, conditions of the drug, and resting posture of the lullaby. Bed makers have been trying to fit as large a variety of pillows as practicable to its comfort foams, and each bed is required to function with those roles a little good (or worse). Centered on how visitors sleep, it’s these qualities you can search for while looking for foam padding. Usually, on abs plastic, rear beds get along. Being sure that the padding isn’t so brittle is one experience to observe out after.

Often furniture makers make a fabric that can make up the difference at the left elbow, holding you protected; however, you will notice the left side sinks a bit more often than you’d want if a bed has not had this near texture. Their selection of the top pillows for rear campers may be able to assist you in your quest.

Trial Time For Sleep:

Even you can know if there is a test time. Many manufacturers have a convenient testing period for consumers to decide not whether they will want the bed. A latex bed requires a total of thirty days to settle in, so keep this in mind while making your order. If you’d like to try premium materials but do not have to stick to a bed-free trial, you might buy a decent thin foam cushion to test it out. We’ve learned that fabric that used in a few of the most beds for extra comfort. Until it relates to foam padding, cushions get a lot of options.

The Rate Of Mattress

The advantage of abs plastic is that it is also moderately priced regarding so many benefits it offers. One will buy a high-quality bed frame for just under $200, lasting up to ten years. For example, the pillow quality, design, or other considerations can impact the ultimate rate, but you never have to pay a lot to find a bed that, if you want and will help you to rest easy; check at our list of best mattresses under $500 for evidence.

Best Online Order Mattress for Side Sleepers


Side sleep is normal in the United States. Indeed, some 74% of Americans choose to stay on their sides. Although this is known to be one of the kept fresh and hygienic ways to sleep, side sleepers must be cautious about holding their mattress secure. A bed so firm will form uncomfortable trigger points near the hips and shoulders. Even so, a too rough mattress may contribute to spinal problems and morning discomfort and pains.

A mild to medium mattress stiffness is well for side-sleepers in most situations. These beds are comfortable, yet they help soothing muscles and deeper restorative sleep.

If you’d like a more comfortable room, we’re here to accommodate you. In 2021 we detail some of the best side sleeping mattresses. We also find out certain advantages of side sleep and what to see while looking for a best online order mattress.

What Is The Perfect Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers?

Heavier persons who tend to sleep on their sides also love a moderate and, in some instances, medium-sized mattress. Both these degrees of firmness avoid unpleasant sinking and facilitate a healthy, balanced backbone.

We recommend a mattress for heavy sleepers with a gentle rebound made from reactionary memory or latex foam or the strongest hybrid mattress. These mattress designs allow the motion on the couch more relaxed and not lift heavy persons on the bed.

How to Choose The Right Side Sleeping Mattress

The correct mattress will distinguish between a decent night’s sleep, emerging with painful shoulders and vertical hip joints for side sleepers. In particular, choosing one of the better virtual pillows cannot be incorrect. However, to help personalize your decision, we explain crucial considerations while shopping for the best side-lying mattress.

Stability of Mattress and Sleeping On The Side

When you sit on the foot, the hips and the shoulder articulations support much body weight. Napping on a stiffer mattress, side sleepers sometimes grow painful positions, called stresses, close to these regions.

If, though, the hips and shoulders fall so deep into the mattress, the backbone will bow and trigger discomfort and strain. Since heavy persons appear to fall further, sleepers also need a moderate bed to sleep sideways. This support degree is comfortable and cushioned, but it is still solid enough to resist deep diving. On the other side, compact sleepers fall very slightly so that the soft to moderate soft color can be preferred to the ideal makeup and stress relief.

What Sort Of Pillow Does A Sleeper Use?

Many side sleepers favor memory foam cushion moderate to firm. These cushions are comfortable enough for full support in the head and neck. But they are also assertive enough to stick their minds sluggish. When a pillow is selected, the head and neck must be associated to relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

Final Remarks

And if we do not care so much about how we sleep at night, our favorite sleep posture will teach us a lot about the sort of warmth and help we require. If you’re a sleeper looking for a decent night’s sleep, our tips above will motivate you to get the fresh mattress back home.

Best Mattress to Buy In 2021

Sleep is vital for any human to function but getting good quality sleep can be tricky sometimes. Sleeping mattresses play a significant role in getting good sleep. They can either help you get good sleep such that you wake up feeling fresh, or they can make your sleeping experience worse, making you feel lethargic all day long.

Best Mattress to Buy can be a complicated yet essential decision. It is essential to buy a good quality mattress that too in a reasonable price range. The best quality of a sleeping mattress is that it is easy on the pocket and comfortable to sleep on.

There are many different categories of sleeping mattresses available in the market and many different price ranges. Hence it makes it easy for the buyer to select the desired sleeping mattress in a price range that is affordable.  There are various categories for sleeping mattresses, and they all vary in their price range; 

Best mattress for neck and back pain:

As a person starts to age, they start struggling with neck and back pain which can be a very unpleasant experience. Many doctors across the world suggest their patients try using sleeping mattresses explicitly made for neck and back pain. Many big brands manufacture sleeping mattresses that are comfortable and reduce back and neck pain. However, the price may vary. If you buy a low-cost sleeping mattress, then there is a chance that it would not last more than two to three years. But if you invest in a good quality mattress that has a warranty, then it can last long. And it is always suggested to buy mattresses from companies that have the money-back guarantee. 

Medicated mattresses: 

Medicated mattresses are designed specifically for people who have had some accident and those who suffer from severe back or neck injury. Moreover, patients who are paralyzed need medicated mattresses. They are manufactured with a unique material that helps patients get to sleep better and people who have to spend most of the time on their sleeping mattresses. They also vary in range, but one can buy a reasonable and affordable sleeping mattress in the market. 

Foam mattress: 

Foam mattresses are suitable for everyone, especially athletes. People who have a very active lifestyle prefer to have foam because it is cheaper than any other mattress. Moreover, it is comfortable to sleep on. Although there are many subcategories for foam mattresses so that the buyers can purchase whatever suits their budgets the most. It is said that the foam mattresses do not last long, but now the foam sleeping mattresses are not only affordable and comfortable but long-lasting as well. So foam mattress is highly recommended for people who are looking for a good sleeping mattress at a low cost. 

Conclusion:   The sleeping mattress can change your lifestyle, so it is always highly recommended to invest in a good quality sleeping mattress, but that does not mean spending a lot on a sleeping mattress. It is wise to invest in the right mattress that is comfortable and easy on the pocket. 

Do You Know Which Mattresses Are Suitable For Back Pain?

Good Mattresses For Back Pain:

Several of the fundamental causes of why individuals usually lose movement in midlife is chronic pain. Pain may discourage individuals from participating in regular exercise, creating an incentive for them to sustain healthier fat and keep their power, agility, and equilibrium while they get older. To continue on the road to a safe and productive life, it is also essential to address and control nerve pain from accidents or medical conditions. Evaluating that other people are spending about a fourth of their life sitting on the couch, it is essential to find the best bed to treat neck pain. If you are willing to relax in the evening then buy Good mattresses for back pain.

Also, in the background, rather hard beds were sometimes suggested by physicians. One study for 269 persons with little leg pain showed that the lowest sleep level was found among those who rested on very rough pillows. There has been no differentiation in those that used texture and firm comforters in terms of mattress consistency. On another side, soft cushions may be troublesome as well. While a comfortable bed that adheres to the smooth skin in a body can help the knees fit comfortably, you could also fall together so tightly that the elbows twist while becoming painful during nighttime. Please put a chipboard panel beneath your pillow to lessen the noise from either the creaking noises or try setting your pillow on the concrete, whether you’d like to figure out why a tighter bed will be safer, something that you’re using.

It would help if you even went to a pillow warehouse to purchase a suitable pillow for neck problems and try a range of versions. But remember, what seems nice in a shop for another few hours does not transform into the sleep of a decent night. E.g., at a room or a guest or friend’s residence, a more accurate measure is to consider how they feel by relaxing on various types of towels when outdoors. The key places to test are constancy, sleep location, mattress, and fabrics and find the ideal match. Knowing how the bed impacts spine balance and facilitates pain relaxation is, therefore, crucial. Based on client feedback and thorough tests, we have picked some more of the best cushions for joint pain in this guide.

It is a somewhat conscious matter to purchasing a better sleep, so when finding a bed, there may be a few things that somebody who struggles from joint pain can search for in detail. Some decent joint pain mattresses are just as follows, which will help you find a specific sheet.

Practically, it is possible to produce cushions from several various colors, including real but chemical. Through hard plastic, silicone, air pockets, ultimately leads, or a mixture, also identified as combinations, the most common components are available. Both may be fantastic pillows, but some may be stronger than the other when additional help is required with back problems.